10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil

Basil is a famous plant. Upon touching, this plant releases very pleasant aroma. High fragrance oil is extracted from Basil leaves which is very beneficial in different health conditions. This plant is available in Africa, Asia and South America. Now a day, this plant is specially cultivated for oil purposes in many countries of the world.

10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil

10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil

Basil curing and medical benefits are known for thousands of years. Apart from using basil as medicines, it is also used as fragrant spice and is included in pickles and wines, which make these more fragrant. For example, it is a major ingredient of famous Russian wine, ‘Vodka’.

Basil oil is commonly used in production of cosmetic products, perfumes and soaps, It contains many useful ingredients.

Following are the 10 important benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil:

1: Helpful Immunity Booster.

Basil is used for centuries as an effective health tonic. It is considered very useful to regain lost energies and for longevity. Because of its immunity boosting capacity, it is being used for protection against Plague, Malaria, Influenza and Gastric-intestinal infection.
According to different studies, an element present in Basil is known as Adaptogens. It possesses the characteristics to enhance lives of the body cells. That’s why; use of basil enhances the body immunity to a greater extent. Adaptageans help in increasing cells activities, hence increasing protein-synthesizing process, which improves and normalizes all related systems.

If 3 to 5 Basil leaves are chewed nicely before breakfast, it will enhance the body immunity against almost all the diseases.
2: Ulcers:

Through research, it has been established that Basil plays an important role to cure ulcers comparing to any other ulcer medicine.

3: For Swellings:

10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil

10 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves and Basil Oil

Basil is being used in China for a long time as curing medicine for swelling problems. This characteristic in Basil is due to the presence of a compound called, ‘Albeserin’. Scientists have also discovered the presence of Vitamin C in Basil leaves and believe that this could also a contributing factor in curing swellings.

4: For Pain and Fever:

Basil is used to effectively control fever, vomiting and pains. It is also useful in stomach pains and gastritis. Basil oil too possesses characteristic to control fever.

5: Cancers:

Basil possesses anti-cancer characteristic. A recent study on mice shows that Basil leaves have the ability to cure cancer. Similarly, it also possesses characteristic to prevent heart diseases and stroke. The results of this study have raised high hoped of developing anti-cancer drugs involving Basil and Basil leaves.

6: Anti-Fungal:

Almost all kinds of Basil extracts possess anti-fungal characteristics. Use of basil oil has also been proved useful for controlling fungus.

7: Anti-Bacterial:

After many experiments, Basil has been proved extremely effective against many kinds of bacteria. In all these experiments, Basil leave extracts were mixed with alcohol as well as water also.

8: Pesticides:

Basil oil has been found very useful as pesticides. It has also the ability to control Larvae. This oil can eliminate effectively many kinds of pests and larvae.

9: For Cough, Cold and Influenza:

For curing cough, cold and influenza, boil basil leaves with the tea and use it for few days. It will give you a magical curing effect.

10: Blood Sugar:

Research work on mice shows that Basil has the ability to reduce sugar levels in the blood. According to this research work, sugar levels of diabetic mice reduced 43 percent by giving them basil extracts only for 15 days. Whereas, upon stopping its use, 24 percent increase was recorded in their sugar levels. This study has also given high hopes of developing sugar drugs involving basil extracts for humans, very soon.

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