Banana Nutrition Benefits

Banana is a very common fruit of the world and available almost everywhere in almost every season. It is high in Nutrition. There are many benefits of bananas. Banana contains three types of natural sugar. Sucrose, Fructose and Glucose. These sugars give an immediate and long lasting energy to the body. Research has proved that one gets enough energy for 90 minutes strenuous exercise only by eating two bananas. That’s why this is a favorite fruit of most of the world athletes. It is also a source of protecting us from many diseases, that’s why it has become an integral party of our daily food.

Banana Nutrition Benefits

Banana Nutrition Benefits

Helpful for Depression

A recent study has showed that by eating bananas, many depression and stress related patients reacted well and they felt new freshness in their mood. Banana contains a protein named, ‘Tryptophan’ which is changed into a chemical called, ‘Serotonin’, which puts healthy effects on our mood, appetite and sleep.Banana contains Vitamin B2, which helps in keeping our mood and mental conditions in a healthy and calm state of mind.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Banana possesses iron in abundance, which helps in improving hemoglobin level in our blood. It also contains Potassium, which helps in regulating our blood pressure. It has the characteristics to reduce the chances of stroke attacks.

Helps Students

Due to presence of heavy Potassium levels in banana, it is used as an effective nutrient for students, which makes them more vigilant, alert and mentally strong. It enhances their memory level, thus helping them in towards their better studies.

Helpful for Digestive System

Due to the presence of dietary fiber in it, it helps in regulating the digestive system of the body. Thus, it also regulates the bowl movement and keeps one more fit.


Banana possesses natural characteristics of antacids. That’s why people with heartburn problems should take one banana regularly. Using banana between meals also regulates sugar level in our blood.

Banana Nutrition Benefits

Banana Nutrition Benefits


Cooling Effect

In many parts of the world, banana is considered a cool fruit. That’s why it is a popular fruit among pregnant women, because it helps in reducing body temperature and also regulated emotions.

Enhances Immunity

Those people who have recently quit smoking and other nicotine intake and are fighting against its side effects, banana is very helpful for them as it contains Vitamins B2, B12, Potassium and magnesium. In other words, these elements enhance the body immunity and make one’s mental level stronger and creating better resistance in their bodies.

Insect Bites

By rubbing internal portion of banana peel on the affected area due to insect bite, gives immediate soothing effect and reduces swelling, burning sensation and pains to a larger extent.


Based on all the above mentioned facts regarding benefits of banana and it’s nutrition level, it is to be noted that apart from other nutrients, Potassium is present in bananas in abundance which plays a very important role in making this fruit a healthy and beneficial one. This potassium also regulates heart rate, provides oxygen to the brain and also regulated the water level in our body. If we compare bananas with apples, we can see that bananas contain four times more protein than apples, two times more carbohydrates than apples, three times more phosphorous than apples, five times more iron and Vitamins and minerals than apples. So it can be said now that TAKING ONE BANANA A DAY WILL KEEP YOU AWAY FROM DOCTOR. One last thing. By rubbing the inner part of the banana peel on your shoes and then cleaning it with a soft cloth will give you an added shininess to your shoes.

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