Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a very popular fruit, which is available in abundance in most of the hot countries. Watermelon contains 99% water. It belongs to Bottle Gourd family.

It is enriched with so many Vitamins and minerals, because of which it is a very beneficial for our health.

100 grams of watermelon contains following Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin A:                      590 mg            Carbohydrates:                                6.9 grams

Vitamin B:                       50 mg              Fats:                                                    0.2 mg

Thiamine:                       0.5 mg             Calcium:                                             7 mg

Riboflavin:                      0.5 mg              Iron:                                                    0.2 mg

Niacin:                             0.2 mg              Phosphorus:                                      12 mg

Vitamin C:                           6 mg              Potassium:                                         112 mg

Protein:                              50 mg             Calorie:                                                 28


Watermelon is considered a refreshing fruit in hot season. It provides cooling effect to the body and reduces thirst. That is why it is very useful for liver and jaundice patients. It acts as an effective diuretic medicine, thus beneficial for urinary track infections and also normalizes high blood pressure. According to doctors, one should not drink water immediately, after eating watermelon, nor should we take it empty stomach.
Following are the other important benefits of watermelon:

For Kidneys:

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is very useful for all kidney related problems. It’s seed contains an element called, ‘Cucurbocitrin’ which helps in normalizing blood circulation. By using crushed watermelon seeds with water after filtering, will help cleaning the kidneys.

For Better Health and Energy:

To regain better health and energy, use 2 teaspoon of watermelon seeds in crushed form with hot water. Use one cup of this filtered juice thrice a day for regaining energy levels.

For Liver:

Watermelon is considered to be a beneficial fruit for Liver. It is an effective cure for jaundice and hepatitis.

For Healthy Heart:

Watermelon is very useful and effective for heart and heart rate. If this fruit is used along with some rose extracts, it will give freshness. Similarly, by using honey in watermelon juice will help in keeping heart rate normal. Normally the basic reason for abnormal heart rate is lack of iron in the blood. As watermelon possesses iron in good quantity, it helps in normalizing the heart rate.

For Cancer:

Modern research has proved that the natural red color in watermelon is actually, ‘Licopene’ which is an effective element to enhance body immunity hence protects from all kind of cancers.


Based on all the above mentioned facts regarding watermelon, it is not wrong that this sweet fruit is a real nature’s blessing which contains fresh and clean water intake in abundance and also provides us with different effective minerals, specially potassium and iron as well as many Vitamins, thus helpful to our health in every manner.

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