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Cause of Obesity

causes of obesity

causes of obesity

Obesity is a big problem, which has surrounded the world. Scientists have recently revealed that a hormone named, ‘Ghrelin’ is responsible for obesity. This enhances the hunger thus compelling people to eat more and resultantly become obese. This hormone affects one person out of every six by 70% and enhances their hunger.

To find out the level of development of this hormone, the British scientists investigated blood samples of different people and also took photographs of their brains. After this research, obese people were prescribed medicines to reduce this hormone, experimentally. It was also revealed that by using high protein diet, this hormone can be controlled to some extent.

Chickpea a Beneficial Food

Chickpea is very beneficial for our health. It possesses good qualities of Vitamin A, B and C, Protein 22.5%, Fat 5.3%, Minerals 2.2%, Starch 58.9% and Iron 8.9%. 250 grams of chickpea contains 850 calories.

To cure hemorrhoids, use 25 grams of boiled chickpea in the breakfast and take a glass of milk after some time. It also acts as anti-ageing agent if used along with 7 almonds. Chickpea also controls obesity by reducing the body fat.
New Influenza Vaccine

new influenza vaccine

new influenza vaccine

To counter all kinds of Flu, now a new vaccine has been developed after long research on humans. ACAMBIS Company has developed this new vaccine, which has the capacity to protect from all kinds of Influenza virus. Now a day every year new Flu vaccine has to be developed due to the fact that during winters, these germs keep changing every year. But through this research, this same vaccine can now be prepared and stored in advance. According to the experts, due to this new enhanced vaccine capacity, now we can also fight against ‘Bird Flu” epidemic. During winters, in Britain four thousand people die of Flu and Influenza and worldwide around 5 to 10 lack people die every year. Whereas, due to Bird Flu, this death figures reach up to 5 million. According to research in U.S.A., this vaccine is very safe and enhances the capacity to fight against Flu Viruses by producing anti-bodies against it. With this new vaccine, it is hoped that people can be fully protected from Flu and Influenza viruses in future.

Vitamin D is good for Tuberculosis (T.B.)

A recent research in London has revealed that Vitamin D could eliminate Tuberculosis (T.B) fast. According to these scientists, during the 19th century also, T.B patients were advised to go to the top a mountain and lay under the Sun. By doing so, the Sun rays used to change the skin cholesterol into Vitamin D. Vitamin D compensates the damage due to the lungs. This compensation is done in a way that Vitamin D reduces the effects of swellings and lesions due to T.B. In this regard 95 T.B patients were given Vitamin D along with antibiotics. This reduced their swellings and the germs in their lungs got eliminated 13 days early than normal patients.

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