Olive Oil Health Benefits

Olive oil is nutritious edible oil, which has lots of health benefits. Olive trees are among those plants which man has grown from very beginning. In the beginning, Olive trees were only found in countries around Mediterranean Sea. These trees were then brought from Spain and cultivated in North American countries. Now olive trees are present in South America, Australia and North Africa also, in abundance. Olive trees are usually alive for centuries. Some ancient olive trees found in modern Palestine, has its trunk as big as 20 feet in circumference.

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Olive contains 60 to 70 percent of oil, which is used as cooking oil. It is also used as massage oil, as well as being used in soaps, medicines and cosmetic products. During ancient era, raw olive oil was being used as a lamp oil also.

Olive oil is healthy oil enriched with different nutrients. The most important one is called, “Olien”. Different types of olive oils also possess different tastes. These tastes depend upon types of olives used for extraction, its ripening status and its storage period. The best type of olive oil is known as Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive Oil and Cancer

There are 800 to 900 useful elements present in olive oil. Among these, vitamin E is one of them. It possesses anti cancer characteristics and it also protects from blood clotting. With decades of research, olive oil’s miraculous effects have been greatly established. For a long time it has been notices that those people who use olive oil as cooking oil on daily basis, are well protected from cancer diseases. Olive oil also possesses anti-oxidant characteristics to a greater level. This means it helps in flushing out toxic from the blood, which can develop cancer. That’s why we can say it is an effective protection against cancer.

 Olive Oil and Heart Disease

Olive oil is a useful tool against heart attacks and coronary heart diseases as it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) in our body and enhances level of good cholesterol (HDL), which protects from arteries being blocked and also absorbs fat accumulated on the walls of the arteries.

Research has proved that by daily using one tablespoon of olive oil orally, it not only normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol, but also protects from heart diseases.

Basically, there are three types of fatty acids. Number one is called, ‘ Saturated Fats’, which is present in butter, cheese, cream, margarine and red meat fats. These are all dangerous because these enhance blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which can result in heart attacks.

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Olive Oil Health Benefits

Second type of fatty acids is called, ‘Poly Un-saturated Fatty Acid’, which are normally present in plants. These types of acids are just safe as it reduces both LDL and HDL cholesterol in the body, thus reduces blood pressure and helps treating obesity. Soya bean oil, sunflower oil, grape seeds oil and walnut oil are better examples of poly un-saturated fatty acids. Third type of fatty acid is called, ‘Mono Un-saturated Fatty Acids’. These are very beneficial for our health as it attacks LDL cholesterol directly and reduces its levels in our blood. At the same time, it also protects HDL cholesterol, which helps in removing arteries blockage, thus reducing the chances of heart attacks. Olive oil and Peanut oil are two best examples of mono un-saturated fatty acids. Very high level of this type of fatty acid is present in olive oil. That means, one tablespoon full of olive oil contains 11 grams of this fatty acid as against Soya bean and Corn oils in which only 4 grams are present.


Based on all the above discussed health benefits of olive oil, it is very much advisable to use olive oil as a sole cooking oil in our homes. And above all, by acquiring a habit of taking one tablespoon of olive oil orally daily, will surely help in keeping all the diseases way from you and your family.

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